Solmaz Altin to become Board Member of Allianz Asia in June 2018, and to take over as Regional CEO in 2019

Solmaz Altin
George Sartorel

Munich/ Singapore, 2nd March 2018 -- Solmaz Altin (44), currently the Chief Digital Officer of Allianz, will join the Allianz Asia Executive Board from June 1, 2018 and will succeed George Sartorel (60) as Regional CEO effective May 1, 2019. After almost 40 years with Allianz, George Sartorel has decided to retire in 2019. Solmaz Altin will work closely with him over the course of 2018 to ensure a smooth transition. Beginning April 2018, George Sartorel will also assume the role of Chairman of the Allianz Asia Advisory Council, taking over this role from Sergio Balbinot, Member of the Allianz Management Board.

Sergio Balbinot said, “Today’s announcement represents our continuous commitment to leadership planning and will result in an orderly transition at Allianz Asia, one of the Group’s key growth regions. Solmaz Altin has embraced digitalization and has distinguished himself during his tenure in Turkey and as Chief Digital Officer for the Group. Over the last two years, he has laid the foundation for our Digital Agenda and the Allianz SE board thanks Solmaz Altin for his outstanding achievements. I am delighted to welcome him to Allianz Asia and I look forward to him leading Asia through the next stage of its development.”

Sergio Balbinot continues, “George has been instrumental to Allianz’s success in the leadership roles he has taken on, from Australia to Turkey, Italy and Asia Pacific, where he will continue to be the CEO for another year. We look forward to continuing to work together with George in his role as Chairman of the Asia Advisory Council after he retires in April 2019.”

The succession for the Chief Digital Officer role will be announced in due course.