Our commitment

At Allianz, we act with integrity and are committed to complying with laws, regulations and internal rules that govern our operations and our business relationships. Our purpose – “We secure your future” – commits us to long-term thinking and sustainable actions.

Allianz will always listen to you if you feel you need to address an issue or when you may be concerned that acts or omissions you observe are not in line with our values.

Considering our obligations to conduct business with integrity and our commitment to protect our company, employees and stakeholders from reputational and financial damages, our reporting tool SpeakUp@Allianz enables a secure and confidential exchange between the reporting person and the Compliance Function.

SpeakUp@Allianz fully protects your identity. We make sure that each reported incident is dealt with by our independent examiners in an impartial and effective way.

Based on your report, we can contribute to stopping potential violations, help the people affected and improve our prevention measures. It also helps us to minimize the risks of future wrongdoings.


The incidents you can report include e.g.: 

  • fraud, theft or corruption 
  • antitrust violations and potential conflict of interest
  • financial irregularities or breaches of accounting or tax provisions
  • discrimination, harassment, harmful working conditions and other breaches of human rights
  • severe environmental damage

Anyone can report incidents at any time via the following channels:

SpeakUp@Allianz tool