At Allianz, we believe in giving people the courage to go forward in life. We are here to support you at life and family to ensure you are financially enabled to turn your life ambition to reality; from planning a trip of your lifetime, to buying a bigger house for your growing family to making a career change. Dare to. We're with you.

Family & Health

It is important to expect the unexpected and prepare well for it, especially where costly medical expenses are concerned. Stay healthy with Allianz as we support your pursuit of a good life with access to the best medical treatment the world has to offer.

Savings & Investment

Realize your life ambitions and save for the future with Allianz. With savings and investment opportunities tailored perfectly to suit your lifestyle, we make your aspirations and dreams our highest priority. With Allianz, they’re closer than you think.  

Retirement Plans

Never stop living life and enjoy your retirement.  Allianz helps you to develop the financial freedom needed to make the most of your golden years, through pension and retirement planning. So travel the world. Connect with your grandchildren. Or pick up a new hobby.  We’ll support your goals and be there when you need us the most.

Motor & Car Protection

As one of the leading motor insurers worldwide, Allianz offers a comprehensive suite of car insurance that includes basic liability, accident, physical damage and legal protection so you can go further with greater peace of mind.  We’ll be there when you need us the most.

Home Protection

Your home means the world to you and rightly so.  It’s not just an asset but a place which shelters you and your family, and houses your prized possessions. Allianz offers solutions such as home insurance, fire insurance and property insurance to protect your home and the investments within.  We’re here to support you when you need us the most.

Travel Insurance

Go travel, live large and recharge. With the confidence that Allianz is looking out for you as you embark on your holiday or adventure. With our travel insurance, we’re with you, just like we are when you’re home. 
Allianz has a strong regional network across Asia, and a regional office in Singapore’s Marina Bay financial district. Allianz services are offered in 15 markets across the region.