MoveNow Camp Esports Edition

  • Allianz and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) partner up to enable the next generation to experience virtual sports

The first-ever MoveNow Camp – Esports Edition, a joint initiative of Allianz and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), was hosted in Singapore from 23 to 25 June 2023, at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre. The camp which took place during the Olympic Esports Week (OEW), aims to showcase the best of virtual sports, exhibit the latest technologies and innovations in the field of simulated sports.

A total of 23 participants aged between 14 to 17 were picked from a pool of applicants across seven Allianz markets, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and Thailand, to participate in the camp. Participants underwent coaching and training sessions led by experts and professional players such as professional racing driver, Mikaela; a YouTube soccer trick-shot artist, Emmanuel; and a professional Rocket League player, Kassio, enabling them to learn advanced techniques and strategies to improve their gameplay.

As a worldwide Olympic and Paralympic partner, Allianz believes in the power of sports and is committed, through the MoveNow Program, to strengthen the role of sport in society and create a healthier environment for the next generation. The MoveNow Camp offers a safe and supportive environment for the next generation to engage with esports and develop their skills.

Anusha Thavarajah, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Asia Pacific, said, “We are proud to have hosted the first-ever esports edition of our MoveNow Camp in Singapore.  Being a supporter of sports, Allianz has put in place a variety of initiatives such as mentoring, career opportunities, and health activities to engage people with the spirit and values of the Olympic movement. The camp is one of our many youth development programs through which we aim to strengthen the role of sports in society, promote young talents, and create a healthier and more sustainable future for our next generation.”

Mohit Bahoria, Regional Chief Agency, Digital Distribution and Marketing Officer, Allianz Asia Pacific, said, “Leveraging on our extensive agency distribution channel, we were able to reach more youths in the region, spur greater interest in esports and drive applications for this esports edition of the MoveNow Camp. It was inspiring to see the drive of our young esports athletes at the camp, and I believe that it was an enriching experience for them to interact with a diverse group of like-minded peers, as well as receive direct mentorship from some of the best professionals in the field.”

16-year-old participant from Singapore, Aarav Bhalla, said, “The best part of the MoveNow Camp was meeting new people and making new friends from different countries. Since we all share the same interests and passions, I was able to lose my social barriers and just be myself with them.”

17-year-old participant from the Philippines, Tempest Dime, said, “I was very impressed by all the specialized gears used in the different games, as I don’t get the opportunity to see them in Philippines. It was cool to see these games becoming translated virtually through technology, proving that sports and gaming are not two entirely separable things. The camp was a great display of sportsmanship and the Olympic values as we came together to connect, compete, and learn from one other.”

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