A Day in the Life – Employee Stories

Our employee series #ADayintheLife explores the stories behind Allianz Asia team members across the region.  Here, Allianz Malaysia Legal Counsel Eu Zhiyi shares her experience:

I’m currently on assignment as Regional Legal Counsel with the regional Asia headquarter. Back in Allianz Malaysia, I’m an Assistant Manager with the Legal Department. I have been with the company for a little over three years now.

In a typical day I will review agreements throughout the day for various business stakeholders and attending meetings to discuss important legal issues. The types of agreements that come to my desk varies and ranges from simple contracts for IT services to more complex arrangements dealing with multiple deliverables over different phases.

A principle I try to live by is to always remind myself to take pride in everything I do regardless of how trivial the task may seem. I want to put in my best because this is a representation of my abilities and eventually, a reflection of my team’s performance and capabilities.            

I think being able to understand the needs and requirements of my business stakeholders is important. When presented with a concept or product which the business wants to move forward with, it’s integral that I get a clear idea of the stakeholder’s intention and what exactly is contemplated so that I can provide effective advice.

However, often times, there is little information for me to work with especially if the concept or product is still in its infancy. So, effective communication and being able to see the bigger picture is important as this allows me to identify and challenge gaps which, at the end of the day, helps my stakeholders improve on their concept or product. The aim is for this approach to culminate in better products and services for our end customers.

While working at Allianz, I’ve noticed that the company always has a clear direction on its goals and strategies. Knowing that the company has a long-term strategy on how it wants to achieve its goals really does help in my work because not every task has a direct correlation with the company’s goals.

I think it’s important to keep an open mind and be flexible in your work. One of the lessons I learnt in Allianz is that being rigid can stifle conversations and halt progress. We should step out of our comfort zone and be more flexible and creative when helping businesses to solve their issues.

Allianz’s shift towards embracing digitalization is a bold one for a organization of its size. However, Allianz has recognized that it’s important to move towards digitalization in order to maintain relevancy. I take pride in knowing that the company is willing to change with the times and not shy away from challenges.

The last three years with Allianz have been fruitful for my career growth as I’ve been able to constantly challenge myself in my former role in Malaysia and now at the regional office. I would like to show gratitude to all my colleagues, especially my HOD and manager, for their constant guidance and support. There is still so much to learn but I’m grateful for the trust they have bestowed upon me and the opportunities I’ve been afforded with.

Eu Zhiyi, Regional Legal Counsel, Allianz Malaysia