A Day in the Life – Employee Stories

Our employee series #ADayintheLife explores the stories behind Allianz Asia team members across the region.  Here, Allianz Taiwan Life Policy Administration Supervisor Wenling Chen shares her insight.

Customer reviews have a lot of power -- especially in the internet age, when recommendations and complaints can go viral on social media faster than you can say "the customer is always right." And in 2018, Allianz Taiwan Life not only improved its NPS scores to rank above the market but also became the loyal leader. How could we create such achievements? The credit must go to the customer service representatives, who are the first to interact with customers and are expected to be ambassadors of the business. Among them, Wen-Ling Chen is the leader of these customer service frontliners.

Though she is a leader, when working at a customer service desk, she still has to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, resolve issues and, in general, help ensure a positive customer experience. As such, she is well-versed in all of the company’s products or services and knows the company policies for how various types of customer interactions are to be handled. However, she does more than that for customers! She proactively invites policyholders to download mobile app “Allianz Engage” so that they can access policy details and claims information on the go. She also encourages them to use AI-powered chatbot Allie that can answer customer inquiries, change policy information and enable cross-platform operations to streamline the overall customer experience.

"We are focused on delivering digital innovations that are customer-centred and add real value, and these new services will bring customers a number of pioneering functions to deliver a more diversified and smart experience," she said.

When being asked “what drives you to success,” Wen-Ling smiled and said, "Excellence is not about being the best; it is about doing your best."

Wen-Ling Chen, Supervisor at Policy Administration Department