Allianz Launches Regional Agency Academy for Asia Pacific, Focus on Sales Excellence and Digital Transformation

  • Allianz Masters is part of strategic initiative to build new Digital Agency model for Asia-Pacific
  • Innovative learning framework with on-demand social and multimedia elements

Shanghai/ Singapore, 4th May 2016 -- Leading global insurer Allianz announces the launch of Allianz Masters, the group's first regional training program for its advisers in Asia-Pacific. This is a strategic initiative to provide Allianz advisers with the professional development to be the trusted financial partner for customers, and is a key pillar of the new Digital Agency model Allianz is introducing in Asia-Pacific.

Built on the latest technology and developed with leading global partners, this training programme incorporates tools like multimedia content and social learning to help advisers improve their customer engagement both offline and online, and value-add to Allianz’s Asia customers in the fast-changing financial landscape.

Lars Heibutzki, Chief Distribution Officer, Asia Pacific said, “The Allianz Masters underpins our absolute commitment to provide our customers with distinguished service and support, while also laying a strong foundation for our new Digital Agency model in Asia Pacific. As customers continue to integrate the use of the Internet in buying decisions, we recognize the need to empower our advisers with the right skill-sets, with the goal of achieving greater customer satisfaction. This tailored programme will raise the bar on professionalism, digitalization and entrepreneurship both in our agency force and within the industry."

Allianz Masters kicked off in Shanghai and will be rolled out to other core markets within Asia Pacific.

Allianz has posted steady business growth in Asia Pacific. In 2015, its new business value rose 17% from the previous year, driven by a strong multi-channel distribution strategy and steady product innovation. Agency is a key distribution channel for Allianz’s 6.3 million customers in Asia, contributing to 43% of annualized new premiums in 2015.

Lars Heibutzki, Chief Distribution Officer, Asia Pacific