Allianz launches MoveNow Mentoring Program to Empower Youths and Para-athletes in Singapore

  • The MoveNow Mentoring Program is a collaborative initiative to support youths and young athletes with disabilities, helping them transition from academic life to work life by fostering meaningful mentorship.

The first MoveNow Mentoring Program, a collaborative initiative between Allianz Asia Pacific, Halogen Foundation, and Singapore Disability Sports Council, was launched yesterday evening at the Allianz Regional Office in Singapore. The program aims to foster meaningful connections and mentor youths and young athletes with disabilities in Singapore in their transition from academic life to work life.

The launch event commences a transformative journey for 35 university students and para-athletes, aged between 17 and 29, who were selected to take part in the six-month program. As a symbolic gesture of growth, Anusha Thavarajah, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Asia Pacific, Dr. Teo-Koh Sock Miang, President, Singapore Disability Sports Council and Ivy Tse, Chief Executive Officer, Halogen Foundation, and the senior leadership team across Allianz entities in Singapore participated in a plant-watering ceremony to formally mark the commencement of the MoveNow Mentoring Program

Anusha Thavarajah, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Asia Pacific, said, "This partnership shows our commitment to empowering the next generation, as Allianz strongly believes in guiding and supporting today's youth, especially those facing unique challenges. We are dedicated to equipping young minds with the tools for success, ensuring they can confidently shape their future. Collaborating with various entities across the organization as One Allianz, we are excited to launch this mentorship initiative as part of our ongoing global youth development efforts, where we strive to move now, towards a more sustainable and brighter future.”

Kelly Fan, Executive Director, Singapore Disability Sports Council, added, “The MoveNow Mentoring Program marks our first corporate employability partnership to support our young para-athletes on their sport pathways beyond the track. We firmly believe that our para-athletes have the capability and potential to excel in both sport and careers. However, para-athletes face unique challenges in navigating the workforce. The MoveNow Mentoring Program seeks to close this opportunity gap at an early stage for our youths.”

Ivy Tse, Chief Executive Officer, Halogen, quotes, ”We’re elated to announce the launch of the MoveNow Mentoring Program, powered by Halogen’s ELEMENTs Mentoring Program in partnership with Allianz. Their generous grant not only fuels our mission to inspire young people to create change, but also underscores a shared commitment to empowering youth. Allianz’s active involvement, with mentors from their office, amplifies our belief in the transformative power of mentorship. Together, we’ll impact the lives of young individuals from the Singapore Disability Sports Council and Halogen. This collaboration exemplifies the strength of unity and our unwavering dedication to nurturing the inherent potential within every young person. We eagerly anticipate the positive waves of change we’ll create together in our communities and beyond.”

Volunteer mentors from Allianz underwent coaching led by experts with training sessions on how to effectively engage and empower the participants on their professional transition from academia to the workplace. The participants undergo at least six structured mentoring sessions, complemented by additional events organized by Allianz, covering CEO talks, introductory sessions to the work of an insurer and asset manager, as well as discussions on career development, business, and sustainability topics with university and business partners.

The Mentoring Program is part of corporate citizenship activities run by Allianz entities under the MoveNow program, a global initiative for young people. Allianz recognizes its social responsibility to drive positive change through mentorship and provides mentees the valuable opportunity to develop personally and professionally through gaining insights into specific industries, expanding their networks, and identifying and achieving personal development goals with the support of their mentors.

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