Allianz Redefines Customer Journeys with New Digital Sales Tool for Asia Pacific

Taipei/ Singapore, 26th July 2016 -- Leading global financial services provider Allianz today launches its next-generation digital sales tool Allianz Discover for Asia Pacific customers. Built on an interactive yet secure tablet platform, Allianz Discover will allow customers to understand their lifestyle needs at a glance, plan for comprehensive financial and life protection, and discuss customized solutions with their advisers. Its intuitive design interface translates into a simple and transparent insurance buying process, grounding the entire purchasing process in the needs of clients.

Lars Heibutzki, Chief Distribution Officer, Allianz Asia Pacific said, “This proprietary innovation transforms the engagement between our trusted advisers and customers, bringing a digital-enabled, need-based proposition to insurance advisory. It sits at the heart of our Digital Agency model in Asia, anchoring the customer experience with choice, transparency and simplicity.”

Piloted and launched in Taiwan, Allianz Discover was developed by a cross-functional team from Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore, designed to drive stronger customer engagement. It is also a key part of the digital strategy at Allianz Taiwan Life Insurance (AZTL).

Danny Lam, CEO of Allianz Taiwan Life Insurance, said, ”We’re proud to be the first insurer to bring this customer-centric innovation to Taiwan, it’s a game-changer that will revolutionize the way we serve and engage customers, allowing us to deepen relationships and build trust with clients. In addition, this development is in line with the Fintech focus of our [Taiwan] government, and demonstrates Allianz’s commitment to this market.”

Allianz Discover is the latest step towards the company’s Digital Agency strategy in Asia Pacific, which aims to empower Allianz advisers with the know-how, skill sets and digital tools to engage more meaningfully with customers. Recently, the insurer also introduced Allianz Masters, its first-ever training and development programme for advisers in the region, featuring multimedia content and social learning to enable them to consult customers more effectively across online and offline platforms, amid a fast-changing financial landscape.