Allianz Names Winning Start-ups from Thailand's First InsurTech Incubation Program

Bryan Smith, Allianz Ayudhya President & CEO
Winners of the Allianz Ayudhya Activator Program

Bangkok/ Singapore, 23rd April 2018 -- Allianz Ayudhya has announced three winning teams from its inaugural Activator initiative, Thailand’s first InsurTech incubation program and the first for Allianz in Asia Pacific.

Doctor A to Z, Sharmble and Vitaboost Wellness were successful from a shortlist of 14 teams for their innovative approach to delivering insurance service solutions to customers, ranging from Surgical Treatment Matching Network to the Remote Care Service and the Customized Wellness Program.

The award-winning start-ups receive seeding investment of up to two million Thai Baht with sandbox facility and an opportunity to scale their business through Allianz’s global network across more than 70 markets.

By working side by side with Allianz Ayudhya, they will also gain unique access to industry insights, have their ideas incorporated into the Allianz business and have the opportunity to deliver solutions that satisfy customer needs in the real market place.

In addition, the three start-ups will gain exposure with senior management at Allianz Asia Pacific in Singapore and will be hosted in Munich, Germany at Allianz X - Allianz Group’s digital investment unit. In Munich, the teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions to Allianz executives representing over 70 different countries in Allianz’s global network.

Further details on the successful start-ups include:

  • Doctor A to Z - a web platform that matches the users’ surgical treatment needs with trusted specialized hospitals and doctors at an affordable price.
  • Sharmble - a digital platform offering full-service care remotely for patients with chronic disease such as free delivery of prescriptions and medication fulfilment as well as access to doctor with telemedicine.
  • Vitaboost Wellness - a home service wellness program that customises nutrition packs for each customer based on blood test results and lifestyle questionnaires.

Robin Loh, Chief Digital Officer, Allianz Asia, said, “Together with Allianz Ayudha, we created the Activator program to support local innovation, share digital expertise and embed Allianz as a true driving force in the InsurTech sector and start-up community."

"As I said at the launch, Allianz is well equipped in terms of infrastructure and networking to drive business in the digital age, and we look forward to working closely alongside the winners as their businesses grow. This program is an important part of our digital strategy and its success supports our overall aims to deliver innovative, enhanced and simple insurance solutions for our customers across the region.”

Bryan Smith, President and CEO, Allianz Ayudhya Assurance PCL, said, “The key focus of Allianz Ayudhya is to build our company to address the changing needs of our customers. In the rapidly evolving Thai market, our customers need simple products and services that can be accessed conveniently and digital innovation is the key enabler to allow us to address this need. We believe by working with start-ups who share the same goal and passion, we can together develop and deliver the most innovative insurance solutions that truly meet the Thai customer’s expectations."

“I’m delighted with the enthusiastic support that this program has received and the talented start-ups that have participated. Each team has brought real entrepreneurial spirit and we are proud to support these outstanding start-ups as they progress into the next stage of their development, not only in Thailand but internationally as we host them to present to the Allianz Community worldwide. This is a unique opportunity to showcase the best of Thai digital innovation on a global stage.”

Allianz Ayudhya also named DiamateMedisee and Health Smile as special Partnership Award winners. These award winning ideas will be incorporated into the company’s “” portal. This portal has the objective of creating real holistic care and services to the Thai community.

The Allianz Ayudhya Activator program began in November 2017 with 50 teams and more than 150 applicants. 14 finalists were selected for the 12-week incubation where participants gained knowledge from more than 30 leading international and local activists.

The program concluded with teams presenting to a judging panel of senior executives across Allianz Thailand, Allianz Asia, and Allianz X, alongside Thailand’s start-up veterans including 500 TukTuks Managing Partner Khun Ruangroj Poonpol.

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