Allianz Asia Pacific Launches #SHEsecures: Empowering Women in the Insurance Industry

  • Allianz Asia Pacific announces the launch of #SHEsecures, an innovative initiative dedicated to empowering women specialising in sales and distribution within the insurance industry
  • This program aims to provide comprehensive resources and support to Allianz's women representatives, fostering their professional growth while promoting diversity and inclusion across the sector

Reinforcing Allianz Asia Pacific’s steadfast commitment to gender equality, inclusion, and diversity, the official launch of #SHEsecures took place on Tuesday, 25 June 2024.

This initiative aims to create an inclusive and collaborative work environment, addressing the unique challenges faced by women in the highly competitive and complex field of insurance distribution. Allianz will provide specially designed training and educational support, enhanced networking opportunities, tailored product offerings, productivity enhancement tools, and much more as a part of this endeavour.

This comprehensive suite of resources aims to empower women in the insurance industry, enabling them to excel in their roles and drive positive change within the sector.

To celebrate the launch of #SHEsecures, 60 inspirational women representatives from Allianz's tied agency distribution in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand gathered at The Singapore EDITION hotel to commemorate the special launch.

During the event, Allianz highlighted the extraordinary contributions of women in insurance distribution.

Against the backdrop of fast-growing markets in Asia,

  • 59% of Allianz’s agency leaders and agents are women, contributing 65% to the total yearly annualised premium.
  • 70% of Allianz’s Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) qualifiers were women, underscoring their significant dedication to professionalism.

These remarkable individuals play a crucial role in protecting millions of families and providing financial freedom to policyholders and customers.

Anusha Thavarajah, Regional Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Asia Pacific, stated:

"#SHEsecures is a pioneering initiative in the financial advisory industry. We are excited to offer this platform, which will enable our agents agency leaders and employees to thrive both professionally and personally. By fostering an environment of shared learning and experiences, #SHEsecures will help them achieve their highest potential and build a more resilient and diverse society."

Mohit Bahoria, Regional Chief Agency, Strategy, Marketing & Digital Officer of Allianz Asia Pacific, commented:

"At Allianz, our dedication to empowering our agents and agency leaders with the #SHEsecures initiative demonstrates our commitment to developing and nurturing talent in the organisation. We are committed to providing them with a variety of resources and actively engaging our participants through specialised workshops, advanced training and leadership development programs, dedicated mentorship, and coaching to equip our team with the necessary tools and support to achieve career excellence. Our aim is to nurture an inclusive workplace where every voice is heard and valued equally. Allianz Asia Pacific will continue to invest in our agency distribution representatives, offering the support needed to develop best-in-class financial advisory skills and deliver exceptional service to our customers.”

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